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Fragen oder Kritik?


Handyspezifische Applikationen entwerfen

Is there an easy way of identifying the device, that my midlet is running on. ie. Am I running on a siemens, or nokia etc?

And a related question:
Is there any way of writing a midlet so that it can use siemens specific api calls on a siemens phone, and have those same calls ignored (and not crash the midlet) when it is run on a nokia device?

> I've tried:
> try {
> etc
> } catch( Exception e ) {}
> and it crashes at startup (on the sun kvm emulator, and 6310i
> emulator).
> Any ideas?


- pack your phone specific code in a single class (or more classes when targeting multiple phones)
- write several jad-files (jar file can be the same) and use a custom property that describes the phone
- use getapp property to query that property and use class.forname to load your phone-specific class

I did not find a common way to determine the phone type. Maybe system.getProperty("com.siemens.IMEI") can be used to detect a siemens phone.


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